For all those lovers who want to get married in the next few months, what a wonderful time to plan.  If it is to be a September Wedding, then we have the colorful leaves and decorative harvests to look forward to.  If it is a November Wedding, we have the oranges and pumpkins to keep us alive.  And if it is a Christmas Wedding, this is the most beautiful time of year, the Birth of our Christ coupled with the joining of hands in marriage.

I have a lot to offer you……I am an Ordained Minister, I love to facilitate your Wedding the way you want it, and IKarens-picwedding-servicessummer-timeFloor - 1 - Gardens of Divine Hopecandle alter Gardens of Divine Hopecropped-reverend-services-denver.jpg have extremely reasonable pricing for what you get.  I write poems for you, I help you coordinate the Wedding Party, and I can even help you design the Wedding from start to finish.

To Plan Your Wedding, here are a few items I can assist with:

  1.  Officiate
  2.  Arrange Location
  3.  Find Musicians
  4.  Arrange Flowers in Artistic Setting
  5.  Plan Meals for Rehearsal and at Wedding
  6.  Find and arrange hotel/motel accommodations
  7.  Assist with Honeymoon Agenda
  8.  Coordinate and assist in addressing invitations
  9.  Locate and purchase invitations
  10.  Assist with all other pieces of a beautiful wedding

CALL ME AT 720-308-8418

If you would like to use me as your Wedding Coordinator as well, I will be glad to do that.  I perform Weddings in fields of flowers, in meadows, in the mountains, by the lake, on the river and in whatever facility you like.  I can even offer you a historical church that rings with the history of Denver, Colorado.

E-mail me at reverendkarenwschneider@yahoo.com for more information.

Love and Happy Wedding Plans,


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