A wedding doesn’t always have to take place in a church building.  We can have “church” in the middle of a meadow, by the side of a stream, in the serene mountains overlooking the view, by the side of a beautiful flowing river, in the backyard of a home, in the middle of a beautiful field of flowers, a wedding can take place anywhere you desire.  A church is not always a building, it is the community of people.  So a church can be anywhere the Lord desires and the Lord is everywhere.

Did you just get engaged?  Let me help you with any of your wedding needs.  I would love to officiate your wedding, help you with the procession, the set up, the reception, and the location.  We can always have your wedding in a church if you desire, I have plenty to pick from.

I will write poems for you, make your wedding unique just for you, and cater your wishes in the ceremony.  E-mail me at pastor_karen_schneider@yahoo.com and we can have conversation.  You can also call me at 720-308-8418.

My basic price for a Wedding is $100.00.  Let’s talk, I will work with you.

Love and Peace,

Reverend Karen W. Schneider


What an exciting and heart thrilling moment, when you first get engaged.  After the initial moment and the acceptance of the “Engagement Ring” or “Symbol” of commitment, it is time to start planning your Wedding.  You start thinking about when, where, and how you want it officiated.  You start thinking about the flowers, the reception, the music and the photography.  Let me help you with all of that.  Not only am I an Officiant, I can assist you with your Wedding Planning.

So let that new “Engagement Ring” guide you in the right direction.  Start planning your Wedding, think about where you want to have it, do you want it in a church, in a meadow, in field, in a back yard or in your parent’s home.  It doesn’t matter, wherever you want to get married is fine with me.  I do have sources for locations, flowers, photographers, and places for receptions.

The most important piece of your Wedding is the Ceremony.  I cater design each ceremony to fit your liking and needs.  I can write poems, sayings and introduce that sacred piece.  The Ceremony is “sacred” and should have that tone, it should also be done in a manner that shows reference to God and displays a strong commitment between the bride and groom.

Let me do your Wedding, I am reasonable and care more about you than I do the compensation.

Love and Peace,

Reverend Karen

A “ONE OF A KIND” Wedding


Let me cater design your Wedding, one that can be like no other.  A “One of a Kind” Wedding that will stand out forever.  Since I have an undergraduate in Fine Arts, am an Artist and have had many Art Shows, I am artistically inclined.  I also have a Masters of Divinity so am a Professional, am Ordained and can offer you all the services you need to put a Wedding together.

I will work with your budget and will give you a quality Wedding as an Officiant.  Contact me by e-mail at pastor_karen_schneider@yahoo.com or call me at 720-308-8418.  We can discuss the details and move forward with your plans.

Love and Peace,

Pastor Karen


Any time of the year is a great time to have a Wedding.  It can be in the Fall, Winter, Summer or Spring.  A bride is beautiful no matter what the weather is like outside.  A Wedding can be simple, elaborate,  or quick, depending on your taste and budget.  Let me help you design your Wedding, and let the natural surroundings be what you want.   Now is good to either have a Wedding or plan one for the future.  I will work with your budget and give you that extra special touch to make your Wedding what it needs to be.  I can offer the following services:

A.  A Place to have your Wedding

B.  Wedding Coordination

C.  Photography

D.  A Place to have your Reception

E.  Catered Reception

F.  Writing of Poems and Sayings for your Wedding

Most of all, I will be YOUR OFFICIANT.  Please e-mail me at pastor_karen_schneider@yahoo.com or call me at 720-308-8418 for more details.  Now is the time!!


Nothing is more gorgeous than a wedding at Christmas.  The chiming of the bells, the decorations in the church, the lights, the music and the beautiful flowers surrounding the altar as the bride and groom approach the sacred space.  Give your wedding that extra special touch by inviting me to do your wedding.  If you want the special setting, the special poems, the special sayings and the personal surroundings, just contact me.

I offer all services, from being your wedding officiant, to coordination, to reception and photography.  My compensation is very reasonable, I have you in mind when I set my pricing and I work with you on your budget.


Reverend Karen

A Special Wedding in the Fall

Now is the time to start planning your wedding for the fall.   It doesn’t matter if you are getting married in a church, a backyard, in a home, or a facility, this is the time to start putting your ideas together.  Let me help you with that.    With having officiating many weddings, I will inform you of the best approach.  I work with people of all backgrounds and situations and understand where you are coming from.

Your wedding can be beautiful but yet easy.    Just call on me  for wedding assistance, counseling or coordination.  I am there for you.   The fall is an exquisite time to marry with the colors of the season combined with the colors of the wedding.  Then include some sayings and poems and you have it.

Please e-mail me at pastor_karen_schneider@yahoo.com or phone me at 720-308-8418 to get the process in motion.  My compensation is very reasonable, I am flexible, and most of all, I have you as the main focus.

God Bless,



What a wonderful time in your life, that time when you make your commitment, lay the path for your future, and bring in that other soul mate to help you live through the day-to-day experiences and challenges.  Make this moment special by allowing me to do your officiating.  I offer poems specifically written for the two of you, I offer spiritual renewal for the moment, and I offer “one of a kind” services for your wedding.

Not only should your wedding be beautiful, it should be remembered.  It should be remembered for the gorgeous dresses, the colorful floral displays and the words spoken.  Let me guide you through your wedding with professional recessions, articulate wording, and creative sayings.

Through my experience I can also assist you with the wedding party, the reception, and finding a location if you need.  Presently I am affiliated with a historic church downtown Denver and several parks with beautiful settings.  If you have your own location, that is fine.

With extremely reasonable rates, I am more interested in your happiness.  Let me help you plan your wedding.

Love and Peace,

Pastor Karen W. Schneider



I would love to officiate your wedding wherever you would like to have it, whether it be in a meadow, in a garden, on a patio, in your backyard,  or in a church, I am there for you.  A wedding is one of the most important moments in your lives and should be a sacred time.  It should also be a time when you share your true love, not only for yourselves, but for your families and friends as well.  If you need counseling prior to your wedding, I am there for you.  Let me be your wedding officiant and your wedding consultant.  I can cater design your wedding to your liking.

My compensation is very reasonable and dependent upon professional services rendered.  Contact me at pastor_karen_schneider@yahoo.com or call me at 720-308-8418 for a quote for your wedding.  I would love to meet with you.

Love and Peace,

Pastor Karen W. Schneider


A wedding is always a joyous time.  It is a time for love, a time for Christ, a time to join in communion of life, a time to start a new family.  It is not only a time for the bride and groom, but it is a time for all those attending to re-visit their vows, their life and their values.

Let me do your wedding.  Whether it be in a church setting, in a field, in a bouquet of flowers, in a chapel, or a haven of plants and flowers, it doesn’t matter.  Christ will be you no matter where your wedding takes place.

I do have an available facility if you do desire to have a wedding in a church.  That facility is the First Baptist Church of Denver, a historic spot with membership in the historical society.  With chandeliers, the largest pipe organ in the western United States, and a large sanctuary with plenty of seating, your wedding can be extra special.

Please e-mail me at pastor_karen_schneider@yahoo.com or call me at 720-308-8418 for details.  I am flexible on my compensation and will work with you.

Love and Peace,

Pastor Karen


We need 50 volunteers to help Gardens of Divine Hope church plant  gardens in grounds throughout the Metro Denver Area.  These gardens of crops are devoted to the poor who have nothing to eat, so we are a justice for food church.  Along with planting these gardens, the poor can gain lots of nutrition through eating the various foods that have been planted for them.  All of the crops go to the poor.

If you like to plant gardens, your talents are needed here.  We would love to meet you as we have a “huddle” that meets each week at 9:30 a.m. at First Baptist Church of Denver at 14th and Grant in downtown Denver.   Here you can get the information you need, hear speakers on gardening, learn, and discuss your garden as well as the community gardens.

Thank you for efforts in volunteering.  Contact me at pastor_karen_schneider@yahoo.com or call 720-308-8418 for more information.  We need your help!!!

Pastor Karen Schneider