I invite you to text, call, or e-mail me regarding your ideas on what you would like to see in a wedding.  Assuming you recently were engaged and have known each other for a short or a long time, it is a very special time in your lives.  I would like to collaborate with you in putting your wedding together for a very reasonable compensation.  Please e-mail me at reverendkarenwschneider@yahoo.com or call me at 720-308-8418 to learn more.  Happiness is the key to life and I would like to be part of that.

With many years of experience, I can help you make this “one of a kind” event become a “lifetime event”.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Reverend Karen


If you are planning a Fall, Winter or Christmas Wedding, let me be your Officiant and your Wedding Coordinator.  I hold a Masters of Divinity Degree and have years of experience.  A beautiful Wedding can be planned, rather inexpensively but … Continue reading


It is time to plan your Wedding!  Do you want to have it in a church, do you want to have it in a garden, do you want to have it in a meadow?  Or maybe the mountains?  Wherever you decide to have your wedding I can help you.  I will travel to your Wedding or if you need a church, I have a church.

If you would like to have poems, write and say your own vows, or have a wedding that is out of the ordinary, then I am the one to help you.  I will assist you with the set-up, the procession, and facilitation of the Wedding all included in one package.  You pay what you want, it is up to you….and I cater design the Wedding.

May and Spring Weddings are always gorgeous with the flowers and decorations while the meadows are filled with Spring flowers.  Let this occasion be extra-special.  September Weddings can have that beautiful touch of Fall flowers and changing of the seasons.  Whatever time of year and where you have your Wedding are to your liking.   Let me guide you.  Again, the compensation is up to you.

Contact me at reverendkarenwschneider@yahoo.com or call me at 720-308-8418.

Love and Peace,

Reverend Karen

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2014 – Valentine’s Day is a Wonderful Time for a Wedding!!

It is now 2014 and time to plan your Wedding.  Your Wedding can be a Winter Wedding with the beautiful Snow sprinkling outside the Windows or it can be a Valentines Day Wedding.   Valentines Day has that extra special touch that says “I love you” without the words even being spoken.

You pick the pl ace, a church, a lodge, a country club, an event center or a  garden….wherever you would like to have your wedding, I am there for you.  I am a fully Ordained American Baptist Minister so your wedding will be blessed with spiritual significance.  If you would like poems written, I will do that for you, if you want to say your own vows, if you want to write something, it is all up to you.

My compensation is up to you!!  You be the judge.

Contact me at reverendkarenwschneider@yahoo.com or call me at 720-308-8418 and we will discuss your wedding.

Love and Peace,

Pastor Karen



A wedding doesn’t always have to take place in a church building.  We can have “church” in the middle of a meadow, by the side of a stream, in the serene mountains overlooking the view, by the side of a beautiful flowing river, in the backyard of a home, in the middle of a beautiful field of flowers, a wedding can take place anywhere you desire.  A church is not always a building, it is the community of people.  So a church can be anywhere the Lord desires and the Lord is everywhere.

Did you just get engaged?  Let me help you with any of your wedding needs.  I would love to officiate your wedding, help you with the procession, the set up, the reception, and the location.  We can always have your wedding in a church if you desire, I have plenty to pick from.

I will write poems for you, make your wedding unique just for you, and cater your wishes in the ceremony.  E-mail me at pastor_karen_schneider@yahoo.com and we can have conversation.  You can also call me at 720-308-8418.

My basic price for a Wedding is $100.00.  Let’s talk, I will work with you.

Love and Peace,

Reverend Karen W. Schneider