It is time to plan your Wedding!  Do you want to have it in a church, do you want to have it in a garden, do you want to have it in a meadow?  Or maybe the mountains?  Wherever you decide to have your wedding I can help you.  I will travel to your Wedding or if you need a church, I have a church.

If you would like to have poems, write and say your own vows, or have a wedding that is out of the ordinary, then I am the one to help you.  I will assist you with the set-up, the procession, and facilitation of the Wedding all included in one package.  You pay what you want, it is up to you….and I cater design the Wedding.

May and Spring Weddings are always gorgeous with the flowers and decorations while the meadows are filled with Spring flowers.  Let this occasion be extra-special.  September Weddings can have that beautiful touch of Fall flowers and changing of the seasons.  Whatever time of year and where you have your Wedding are to your liking.   Let me guide you.  Again, the compensation is up to you.

Contact me at reverendkarenwschneider@yahoo.com or call me at 720-308-8418.

Love and Peace,

Reverend Karen

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What an exciting and heart thrilling moment, when you first get engaged.  After the initial moment and the acceptance of the “Engagement Ring” or “Symbol” of commitment, it is time to start planning your Wedding.  You start thinking about when, where, and how you want it officiated.  You start thinking about the flowers, the reception, the music and the photography.  Let me help you with all of that.  Not only am I an Officiant, I can assist you with your Wedding Planning.

So let that new “Engagement Ring” guide you in the right direction.  Start planning your Wedding, think about where you want to have it, do you want it in a church, in a meadow, in field, in a back yard or in your parent’s home.  It doesn’t matter, wherever you want to get married is fine with me.  I do have sources for locations, flowers, photographers, and places for receptions.

The most important piece of your Wedding is the Ceremony.  I cater design each ceremony to fit your liking and needs.  I can write poems, sayings and introduce that sacred piece.  The Ceremony is “sacred” and should have that tone, it should also be done in a manner that shows reference to God and displays a strong commitment between the bride and groom.

Let me do your Wedding, I am reasonable and care more about you than I do the compensation.

Love and Peace,

Reverend Karen