It is now June, 2016 and if you recently got engaged, it is time to think about planning your Wedding, whether it be this year or next.  Since I Officiate and am also a Wedding Planner, it is time to start thinking of the following:  who should I have officiate, where should the wedding be, in the mountains, around a lake, in a meadow or in a church.  What type of flowers, what type of music or what type of meals should be service, I can help you with all of that.  Whatever you decide I can help you plan your whole wedding from beginning to end.  And if you only want me to Officiate, that is fine too.  Give me a call at 720-308-8418 or e-mail me at  I am reasonably priced and want to be a part of your beautiful wedding.

I am an Artist so have that Artistic flair to make your wedding even more special.







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